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The peculiarities of our car trailers


To watch the advantages of our trailers just push the “play” button (a triangle). Flash-videos demonstrate the trailer in use.  



High lift


Spring suspension



V-type pole



Pole length extension piece placement



Trailer turning-over



Folding pole


Additional sides

Special construction of locks

Rain protection

Small loading height

Choosing tyre size




Coloring in any color



Portable wheel (automatic). The peculiarity of its construction is that it folds up automatically with lifting the wheel and does not occupy a lot of space under the pole, which eliminates the possibility of damaging it while driving on uneven road and eliminates the necessity of removing it from the trailer.




The 8213trailers are supplied with either leaf suspension or spring suspension.

  • Leaf suspension with progressive characteristic – the spring with a helper guarantee smooth driving in any conditions of use. The shock absorbers placed transversal increase the trailer’s course keeping ability on any road.
  • Spring suspension with a continuous beam combines small specific quantity of metal with high safety level even in intensive using conditions, which enables getting unique payload for this type of trailers even with minimum attached implements. 




8213 trailer is supplied with a frame with a rigid member in kind of a pipe and a solid V-type pole with a length extension piece. 


Pole length extension piece placement enables carrying long loads. While carrying long loads, the sides can be either opened or completely removed, increasing the visibility of the lighting unit. 



The possibility of turning over the trailer enables using it as a dump-truck.


The folding pole ensures compact keeping of the trailer. An additional electrical connector enables complete removing of the pole while keeping.


The volume of the body can be increased twice through adding additional sides.



Special construction of locks provides different ways of opening the trailer’s sides: about upper axis, about lower axis, complete removal.


Arcs and awning placement protects the load from rain and snow.



8313 trailer’s small loading height favors keeping the driver’s rear-view and does not affect the truck and trailer’s aerodynamic quality.



The trailer can be supplied with naves and wheels fitting the truck tractor’s tyre size.



The possibility of clearance changing enables using the trailer with any type of truck tractor not reducing their possibilities.



The trailer’s basic equipment includes zinc cover sides. All the trailer’s parts are colored by powder enamel by electrostatic spraying. The sides’ front part can be colored in any color in accordance with the customer’s desire.