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How to measure cargo weight?

“Krepysh” trailer refers to 01 trailers category (with maximum weight not more than 750 kg). It means that you can load a cargo weighing 550 kg on your “Krepysh” trailer.

In this article we are going to explain how to measure cargo weight having no floor scales (we understand that a few car owners have the scales enabling weighing large cargos). To solve this problem, “Kurganskiye Prycepy” design-engineering department created a methodology that enables loading the trailer according to its technical characteristics.

For approximate estimation of the 8213 03 trailer loading we inform you:


-          if the impingement plate touches helpers with the front edge, then there are 350-400 kg in the body;
-          if the impingement plate touches helpers with the back edge, then there are 450-500 kg in the body;

-          if the trailer is fully loaded (550-600 kg), the gap between the wheel beam and the impingement plate under the frame is about 50 mm (the length of a matchbox).


When carrying household appliances in the trailer, you can find out its weight in the service manual. 


Car owners, please beware that using your trailer in the right way enables extending the term of the use of your vehicle. Do not forget that cargo weight restrictions concern not only the trailer, but the car as well.