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In this section you can familiarize yourself with the trailers manufactured by TH “Kurganskiye Prycepy”. Our company manufactures “Krepysh” car trailers with special design that have a utility model certificate and are represented in several modifications.

Our trailers can be divided according to the specificity of cargo carriage:

General-purpose trailers – trailers equipped with high awnings for transporting cargos like construction materials, furniture, firewood, foodstuff etc. In other words, everything a good manager may wish to transport.  By the way, we wonder what did you happen to transport in your trailer (write about it in the contacts-feedback section).

Vodnik – trailers constructed for transporting water equipment: personal watercrafts, boats, small cutters and catamarans.

Snowmobiles – “Taiga-II” trailer is constructed for transporting snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The trailer is equipped with an awning.

Platform – a readymade 8213 platform one can use to assemble any equipment necessary (welding apparatus, liquid containers etc).

According to the body size and payload the trailers can be divided in the following basic groups::


Name Body length Body width Payload
Standart 01 1850 mm 1220 mm 475 kg
Krepysh 03 1850 mm 1210 mm 575 kg
Universal 05/A5 2380 mm 1220 /1360 mm 550 /535 kg
Taiga II 3360 mm 1370 mm 470 kg
Tandem 3600 mm 2000 mm 400 kg


In the “Car trailers” section you can familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of Kurgan trailers.

In the “Our advantages” section you will find out why our trailer is going to serve you for a long time.