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“Tandem” (8213 2E) trailer

“Tandem” (8213 2E) trailer
“Tandem” (8213 2E) trailer
“Tandem” (8213 2E) trailer
“Tandem” (8213 2E) trailer

“Tandem” trailer technical characteristics:

Payload and gross weight, kg

Total weight 750
Cargo tonnage 400
Kerb weight 350

Body size, mm

Length 3640
Width 2000
Height 100
Height up to awning -
Overall dimension, mm
Length 5300
Width 2070
Height 1300
Suspension spring
Tyres 12 ''



8213 2E trailer has an enlarged service platform sized 3.6*2 m placed above the wheels. This enables easy placing 2 snowmobiles, a snowmobile and an all-terrain vehicle or other combinations of small machines on it. At the same time, the width and the rut of the trailer do not increase keeping the truck and trailer’s flexibility, good cross-country ability and the opportunity to access out-of-the-way places. In order to maintain good stability while the truck and the trailer are on the highway, the platform is placed on minimum height. This is due to placing two axles with small diameter wheels. 
Kinematics of the axles’ spring suspension provides smoothness of moving, absence of oscillation and swinging of the trailer while driving, and its mechanisms are sustainable in however hard conditions of using the trailer.  
Side railings within all the length of the platform enable safe fastening of the cargo. For loading the cargo the trailer is equipped with gangplank. Due to the using of net the side in the raised position does not limit back view. 
The trailer is also equipped with back support stands lessening the trailer coupling while cargo loading, a movable gig which enables loading the cargo along the full width of platform, a strainer with ratchets for safe cargo attachment, and a spare wheel.