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“Standart” trailer (8213 01)

“Standart” trailer (8213 01)
“Standart” trailer (8213 01)
“Standart” trailer (8213 01)
“Standart” trailer (8213 01)

“Standart” trailer technical characteristics: 

Payload and gross weight, kg

Total weight 650
Cargo tonnage 475
Kerb weight 175

Body size, mm

Length 1850
Width 1220
Height 380
Height up to awning 630
Overall dimension, mm
Length 3065
Width 1710
Height 980
Suspension spring-amortizing
Tyres VAZ


The trailer is constructed for transportation of various cargos and can be used with different car models. It differs from the other trailers by efficient construction (bottom and sides are made of laminated veneer, the new system of opening sides, spring-amortizing suspension, length adjustable single pole) which makes the trailer more available on the market.Payload is 475 kg, side height is 380 mm, kerb weight is 175 kg.