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“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)

“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)
“Universal+” trailer (8213 A5)

“Universal +” trailer technical characteristics: 


Payload and gross weight, kg

Total weight 750
Cargo tonnage 535
Kerb weight 215

Body size, mm

Length 2380
Width 1360
Height 380
Height up to awning 1500
Overall dimension, mm
Length 3550
Width 1850
Height 980
Suspension Leaf-spring
Tyres VAZ, Niva, UAZ





Universal 8213 A5 is a single-axis trailer with an extended body. It is used for transportation of cargos, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. In case of placing slides with a lodgment on a trailer it can be used for transportation of boats and personal watercrafts as well. A5 is an extended version of the “Universal” trailer. The body and the bottom with inside dimension 2380*1220*300 are made of laminated veneer, the railings placed on the top edge of the sides extend the height by 80 mm. The trailer is supplied with a length adjustable pole and an awning with a framework. The trailer can be equipped with Niva or UAZ wheels with an intensified nave. You can watch a video on how to carry an all-terrain vehicle in the trailer in video about trailer section.